Jan 232015

Intro to Mechanics Lien Laws

An introduction to California Mechanics Lien Laws

Mechanics liens are an extremely important and effective remedy for contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and others in the construction industry. Often a mechanics lien will make the difference between being paid and not being paid for goods and services provided on a private work of improvement. However, the laws relating to mechanics liens are complex, and failure to follow them can result in a lien being defective and unenforceable.

Understandably, our clients contact us with questions about mechanics liens ranging from how and when to record them to how to enforce the liens and actually get paid. At the request of several clients, I have decided to provide an in-depth explanation of California’s mechanics lien laws that can be used as a general guide to clients and others as they navigate their way through the world of mechanics liens.

This is the first in a series of articles dealing with the most common and relevant issues clients face concerning mechanics liens. My hope is that you will find this information helpful and easy to understand.

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Filed by Joe Cowan, January 23, 2015