Jan 232015

What is a Mechanics Lien?

(This is Part 1 of our Mechanics Lien Series)

When a contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, equipment lessor, laborer or design professional contributes to a private work of improvement and is not paid, one of its principal statutory remedies is a mechanics lien. A mechanics lien is an involuntary lien against the real property on which the claimant has provided labor, services, equipment or materials. The amount of the lien is the value of the items furnished or the contract value, whichever is less. A mechanics lien is not allowed on public property.

In order to enforce its rights, a claimant must timely record its mechanics lien and file a lawsuit to foreclose on the lien within 90 of its recordation. The time periods for recording the liens will be discussed in more detail in a later blog.

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Filed by Joe Cowan, January 23, 2015