Steve McKendry

“The Cowan Law Group has done an excellent job representing our company over the past several years. Joe Cowan understands the challenges we face and provides solutions that make good business sense.”

Steve McKendry, CEO
McKendry Door Sales, Inc.

Ken Fischbeck

“After years of being represented by large law firms, we hired Joe Cowan, who was the first attorney to turn it all around and start putting money in our pockets, and that was 20 years ago.”

Ken Fischbeck,
CEO Laguna Crest Enterprise, Inc.

Steve Labruna

“Joe Cowan is a very strategic thinker and has been achieving great results for our company for many years.”

Steve Labruna, CEO
Camco Pacific Construction, Inc.

John Kensey

"Over the past few years I've worked with Joe on several matters with excellent results. Not only is he a fine lawyer but he is also a good business counselor and I value his strategic advice. In several instances he has developed an approaches to problems that are innovative and effective. I can recommend him without hesitation."

John Kensey, CEO
Avalon Capitol

Mike Echolds

“As both a business leader and lawyer, Joe Cowan’s wise counsel over the years has been invaluable. He has a special ability to distill complex issues into understandable and well-defined courses of action.”

Mike Echolds,
CEO NuWhirl Sytems Corporation

Christopher Larkins

"Joe will give you straightforward, highly valuable advice. His previous experience as a business owner means that Joe genuinely understands the contract, labor, and operations complexities facing executives and entrepreneurs, and makes his counsel all the more relevant. You will also quickly learn that Joe is highly personable and approachable, and cares to offer the best advice for every situation. I recommend him highly."

Christopher Larkins
Prime Communications / AT&T

Jerry Fink

"Joe is a thoughtful and diligent attorney who helps a client analyze a client's objectives and carefully protect against the downside risks. Joe was always great to work with, very knowledgable, and delivered on time."

Jerry Fink
Managing Partner at The Bascom Group, LLC

Laura Catalino

"Joe has helped me with several matters including a collections issue, a debt restructuring and general business planning. Joe deftly outlined my options and provided valuable guidance that helped me determine the proper course of action given the situation and my preference. His advice was invaluable. We achieved the outcomes that I wanted. In addition, Joe has gone out of his way to introduce me to several people that have either expanded or improved my business. Joe is a thoughtful, highly experienced attorney. It’s a pleasure to work with him."

Laura Catalino
Managing Director at BTFIF LLC

Jim Harrington

"From a business partner standpoint, Joe offers the best of both worlds – he’s an extremely capable and smart attorney who can help navigate through complex legal problems; but equally important, he’s a savvy businessperson with years of experience running his own business. It’s very rare to find an attorney who’s “been there” when dealing with complex business issues as well as complex legal issues. Joe offers a rare skill set and expertise in both."

Jim Harrington
President at O'Leary and Partners

Joe Gerber

"Joe Cowan is the consummate legal professional. He has strong business knowledge, incredible leadership skills, financial acumen, patience and a wonderful demeanor. I have known Joe for almost a decade and during those years Joe has demonstrated the highest integrity, a deep understanding for numerous practice areas and a personal manner that makes him such a pleasure to work with."

Joe Gerber
President and COO of SmartLabs, Inc.

Bruce Crair

"Joe is, in my experience, an anomaly in the legal profession: a hard-working, business-oriented, ethical attorney. He focuses on not only what is legally attainable or reasonable, but also on what makes sense from a business perspective, while ensuring that his clients stay on the right side of the law and remain ethically clear. He searches for a win-win solution when possible, but "goes for the jugular" for his client when necessary. I would highly recommend him for any contractual legal work that is needed."

Bruce Crair, CEO/COO
Experienced Internet and Technology

France Raine

"Joe did an excellent job representing my interests in a legal procedure. Highly recommended."

France Raine,
Independent Farming Professional

Perry Kessler

“Joe Cowan has gone the extra mile for us on several cases and has achieved great results. I highly recommend the Cowan Law Group.”

Perry Kessler,
CEO PKC Construction